The Community Development and Health Network (CDHN) is Northern Ireland’s leading organisation working to empower communities and tackle health inequalities using community development.

Self-Care Pharmacy project

Community Development and Health Network (CDHN) has launched a new project entitled ‘Self-Care Pharmacy’.  The project is funded by the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) and aims to improve the knowledge and understanding of self-care for minor ailments through a health literacy approach.

Why is there a need for this project?

The cost of delivering health and social care services is increasing more rapidly than the money available.  By reducing spend on treating minor conditions and increasing self-care, money could potentially be used for other higher priority areas. 

Why use a health literacy approach? 

Improving health literacy will give people the knowledge, understanding and skills to obtain, process and use health information.  It will also enable them to access care from the most appropriate care provider, for example, a person deciding to go to their local pharmacist for advice about a sore throat, cold or flu like symptoms rather than their GP.  Improving health literacy also helps address health inequalities as the groups most at risk of limited health literacy are those with the poorest health outcomes. 

Who should get involved?

Everyone! We will need input from people in the community, voluntary and community organisations, as well as health and social care professionals. 

How do I get involved?

There are three strands to the work (detailed on the following page).

  1. Networking events across Northern Ireland
  2. Health literacy training for community and voluntary organisations
  3. Design thinking workshops to bring together communities and health care professionals

A reference group will be established to advise and guide the work. 

The next networking event is as follows:

Tuesday 26 March in NICVA, Belfast.  

Further dates to be confirmed.  

To attend one of our events or for more information, please contact:

Helen McNamee, Project Manager

T: 028 3026 4606



Project Aim: To improve knowledge and understanding of self-care for minor ailments through a health literacy approach.  

The project has three objectives. The objectives, work involved and project outcomes are summarised in the table below.