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BCPP Funding Criteria

Who can apply?

BCPP funding is open to constituted community/voluntary organisations and community pharmacies based in Northern Ireland.   Projects must be a partnership between a community/voluntary organisation and a community pharmacy. Either can be the lead applicant but both partners must be named in the application form. 

  • A constituted community/voluntary organisation is a group which may be run on a voluntary basis and is set up as an organisation with a management committee, constitution and its own bank account.   A copy of the constitution will be required with the application.
  • The community pharmacy must hold a current contract with HSCB.  Qualified pharmacists not associated/affiliated to a pharmacy holding a HSCB contract are not eligible to apply.

Who is not eligible?

  • Private companies and statutory organisations.
  • Third party applicants e.g. an organisation applying as lead partner to deliver the project in a different community organisation.  The community organisation itself or the pharmacy must be the lead partner. 

What we fund?

  • Level 1 funding is for a grant up to £2,500 for a project that can last up to six months
  • Level 2 funding is for a grant of up to £12,000 for a project that can last up to one year.
  • A community/voluntary organisation and a community pharmacy to work in partnership to deliver a project to either one, two and in some circumstances three groups of people. Each group should have 12-15 people who participate in all sessions.
  • Projects which seek to address the social determinants of health using a community development approach.

What do we not fund?

  • Health fairs
  • Projects that work with a different group of people every session
  • Projects with more than 15 people in a group
  • Projects seeking to enhance sports performance or focus only on lifestyle issues
  • Capital equipment

What is the funding criteria?

  • A concise aim and summary of the proposed project.
  • An identified community need.
  • Clear partnership working between the pharmacy, the community and the participants (co-production).
  • External community/voluntary organisations co-delivering sessions.
  • A clear plan for recruiting participants and keeping them engaged.
  • A clear vision of the difference the project will make, which is in line with BCPP outcomes.
  • A clear activity plan, including, the number of people in each group, how often they will meet and an idea of topics you hope to cover.
  • Realistic costings that relate to your overall application and activity.
  • Overall value for money regarding what the project aims to achieve.

When are grants refused? 

Grants may be refused for the following reasons:

  • The proposed project does not meet with BCPP funding criteria.
  • The application form is incomplete.
  • An old BCPP application form has been submitted.  Please ensure you have downloaded the correct application for the funding round.
  • The application form is a copy of a previous form submitted to CDHN
  • The application does not meet the minimum scoring.
  • Previous BCPP project outcomes and/or reporting requirements were not satisfactory.
  • The lead partner has an open BCPP project.
  • Sometimes demands on BCPP grants outstrip the funds available and this means that some good applications, while meeting the criteria may not be successful.   In this case, funding will be awarded first to those with the highest overall score.

If you would like to find out more about BCPP, please contact a member of the BCPP Team on 028 3026 4606 or