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Strategic Plan

CDHN's new Strategic Plan will shape our work into 2024 and is underpinned by our Mission, Vision and our Values. It is the result of a strategic planning process with staff and our Board of Directors and has been developed in the context of the wider policy arena as well as insights and experiences we have gathered from our membership base.

We expect the next three years to be very challenging. Inequality gaps have been steadily worsening over the past decade and COVID-19 has widened those gaps even further. The pandemic has had an unequal effect on people and communities across the range of social determinants – including housing, education, income, employment, social isolation, access to services, health literacy and others.

The work of CDHN has always been important but now it is crucial. Our focus for the next three years is to ensure that the voice of people and communities, the lived experience, becomes and remains the central point for policy makers, decision makers and within local communities themselves.



Aim 1: Community Development

To support communities as a catalyst for change in ending health inequalities.

Aim 2: Policy & Practice

To influence policy and practice to support the ending of health inequalities.

Aim 3: Evidence

To build and use the evidence base which supports community based approaches to end health inequalities and poverty.



Supporting Aim 1: Communications

To engage with all stakeholders to increase awareness of CDHN and its unique expertise.

Supporting Aim 2: Governance

To ensure that the governance of CDHN complies with the requirements of the law and best practice.

Supporting Aim 3: Financial & Physical Resources

To ensure that CDHN is sustainable and accountable.

Supporting Aim 4: Human Resources

To ensure that CDHN has the staff it requires to achieve its aims and priorities and these staff are effectively supported, managed and given the opportunity to develop.


Download a copy of our Strategic Plan 2022-2024 here.