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CDHN's unique and varied membership is at the heart of our Network. Our individual members include people from small community organisations to large voluntary organisations; people who work in the public sector, including staff from across health and social care disciplines and both local and national government; people who work in the private sector including pharmacists, GPs and their practice staff; people who work in education at all levels, and people from the general public who believe in and support our values and work. 

We believe in the power of collective voice to raise awareness of the root causes of health inequalities and take action across the social determinants of health. We work at both a local and regional level to build stronger and healthier communities across Northern Ireland.

Role of our members:

  • Believe in and support CDHN’s Values
  • Be part of our collective voice
  • Engage with CDHN’s events and opportunities

Do you:

  • Desire to see an end to unfair & avoidable health inequalities?
  • Believe that people should have more say over the decisions that affect their lives?
  • Want to connect with like-minded people across sectors?

Sign up for free membership by choosing an option below & join us in in our vision to end health inequalities together!

To become a member, you/your organisation must support the Mission and Values of CDHN.

Please note Organisation Membership is only available to Community and Voluntary sector organisations/groups.


Individual Membership

Organisation Membership