The Community Development and Health Network (CDHN) is Northern Ireland’s leading organisation working to empower communities and tackle health inequalities using community development.


Evaluation Officer

NJC Scale SO1 (point 29-31) £26,470 (pro rata)
Working Hours: 
28 hours per week

Please note this post is until July 2019 (extension to March 2020 subject to funding).

Key Role

To measure the impact of Building the Community-Pharmacy Partnership (BCPP) funded projects by collecting and analysing project data at local BCPP project and regional BCPP Programme level across Northern Ireland.  In addition, supporting projects through information, support, advice and training to utilise the BCPP evaluative system.

Main Duties

1. Support new and existing BCPP projects to utilise the BCPP evaluative system, including completing questionnaires and completing monitoring and evaluation reports

2. Collection, collation, checking, analysis of data from all BCPP projects  

3. Conduct support visits to all funded projects across Northern Ireland and support them to implementing the evaluation system.

4. Work closely with the BCPP Finance Officer to ensure project activities and finance match. 

5. Know the status of all projects and provide ongoing telephone and email support and advice to BCPP projects.

6. Utilise and develop the BCPP central evaluation database system to produce timely reports that document the impact of the BCPP projects and the overall programme in relation to agreed measures for external and internal use.

7. Bring gaps, identified in the evaluation system, to the attention of the Strategic Impact Manager and assist in the identification and implementation of solutions. 

8. Ensure the central evaluative system is kept up to date with accurate information on an ongoing basis.

9. Participate in team screening of BCPP grant applications.

10. Assist with the development, management and implementation of the core aims and objectives of the Community Development and Health Network, including project development. 

11. Undertake any other duties appropriate to the scale, which may be required from time to time

Closing Date: 
1 February 2019 4.00pm

Training Officer

NJC Scale 6 (point 26) £23,398 (pro rata)
Working Hours: 
30 hours per week

Please note this post is until July 2019 (extension to March 2020 subject to funding)

Key Role 

You will be responsible for supporting the Project Manager to develop and implement a programme working with communities to improve their capacity to selfcare by improving health literacy knowledge and skills and facilitating partnership working. 
The role has three main strands:

1.Organising regional networking events

2. Delivering community-based health literacy training

3. Supporting the Project Manager to co-ordinate pilot projects that bring together local community, pharmacy and GP practice. 

Main Duties

  • Organise and facilitate networking events
  • Ensure networking events are spread regionally throughout the HSC Trust regions 
  • Support the Project Manager to develop health literacy training materials for delivery in a community setting
  • Deliver Health Literacy Communication Skills Training to health professionals
  • Liaise with CDHN members to identify groups and areas where training can be delivered
  • Utilise CDHN website and social media platforms to share resources and information on the project
  • Prepare background information and information packs for training  
Pilot Projects
  • Support the Project Manager to develop two pilot projects – bring together two separate multidisciplinary teams of health professionals and communities and facilitate them to define the main issues in relation to selfcare and health literacy and to co-design a range of solutions to develop further. 
Relationships and Support
  • To engage with CDHN members to identify suitable hosts and partners for Regional Networking events.
  • Liaise with CDHN members to recruit community members to attend the training 
  • To contribute to the overall strategic development of CDHN • To undertake any other duties reasonably requested by CDHN 
Closing Date: 
1 February 2019 4.00pm