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CDHN provides a wide range of training and support services to community, voluntary and public sector organisations (including statutory health and local government) on issues relating to health and wellbeing, tackling health inequalities and health literacy.  

Current training programmes

Community development and health inequalities:  We offer this free online training as part of the Elevate programme.  The training aims to help participants understand the values and principles of community development; understand what health inequalities are, why they exist and how they look in their community; recognise the challenges and opportunities that have happened through COVID-19 and explore their role in making a difference locally.    You can find out more about this training and the Elevate programme on the Elevate website.  

BCPP training programmes:  BCPP grant holders are provided with training on Community Development, Health Inequalities and Health Literacy; Finance and Evaluation and Group Work skills.  If you are a grant holder and would like more information email   

Other training programmes

We offer short courses, independent facilitation, bespoke training programmes or tailored consultancy support on a commissioned basis.

Below are some examples of training programmes we deliver:

  1. Community Development and Health: This training will give participants the opportunity to explore how they can use community development to improve health and wellbeing for the groups they work with. Suitable for paid workers or those who have experience of leading community based projects around health and wellbeing.
  2. The Social Determinants of Health: This training programme will gived participants a better understanding of the wider determinants of health and how they affect communities.
  3. Health Inequalities: This training will give participants the opportunity to understand what contributes to health inequalities within their community and ways to start addressing this using community development. 
  4. Health Literacy:  This training will increase awareness and understanding of what health literacy is, why it's important and highlight the link between health literacy and health inequalities.
  5. Community Health Champions: In this training participants are encouraged to use their own knowledge and experience to support, signpost and encourage individuals to engage in activities which promote health and wellbeing within their communities.  Participants leave with the skills and confidence to work with their own communities to enhance health and wellbeing.
  6. Group Work Skills: Participants are enabled to identify and demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to plan and deliver group sessions using community development values to address health and wellbeing within communities. Group work skills emphasises the importance of groups as a tool in building the confidence and capacity of people within communities. 
  7. Community Co-Production for Improved Health and Wellbeing: This training is for people who are working within communities either as paid workers or statutory employees who are engaging with local communities. This training will be useful to improve co-production within your organisations to improve community health and wellbeing.
  8. Community Development Values into Practice:This course will introduce participants to the values and principles within community development and how to apply this to their situation. Suitable for anyone who is new to community devleopment work or to refresh knowledge. 
  9. Asset Mapping: This is an introduction to the practicalities of beginning to develop an asset map. This can be tailored to your organisation, your geographical area or your population group. This training is between a half day and a full day depending on the size of group and target area and may need to be delivered over two sessions.

Bespoke Training Services

We can tailor our programmes to your organisation’s requirements. Our facilitators use a variety of methods to engage participants and use their knowledge and experience to enhance the content of the sessions.

For all enquiries on training, including cost and bookings, please email or call us on 028 3026 4606