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Our Policy Work 

CDHN works to strengthen the understanding of decision makers, practitioners and communities as to how social policies and programmes interact with social determinants of health and influence health inequalities.   This is achieved through the provision of information, workshops, advocacy and policy responses.

CDHN advocates for the political empowerment and inclusion of all groups in policy and decision making.  We support our members on their journey of political empowerment by helping them understand social policy - how it is made and the structures and systems which create and deliver social policy.  We provide opportunities and support for engagement between policy makers, communities and practitioners.

BCPP News - Policy Context 

In our latest edition of BCPP News, we shine a light on the youth sector and share stories from BCPP projects working with children and young people across Northern Ireland. To set the context for these stories, we highlight the challenges for the youth sector and the current policy environment.

You can read the full version here.