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Should I apply for Level 1 or Level 2?

Level 1 projects are BCPP taster projects, they give partners the opportunity to get a flavour of a BCPP project without committing to a full project (Level 2). In Level 1 projects, partners are able to explore how they work together, the management of the project, organising the sessions and the evaluation, monitoring and reporting requirements. These projects also allow the partners to work with people in their community to identify the need for a Level 2 project, the topics or issues they would like to explore further and whether there is an interest from people in the community to commit to a full BCPP project. 

What is the commitment for pharmacy to BCPP projects?

  • Level 1:  There is a set pharmacist commitment for Level 1 projects that cannot be changed.
  • Level 2:  There is a pharmacist commitment guide for Level 2.  We would like all projects to follow this guide, however, we recognise that this may not always be suitable.  If a project wishes to deviate from this commitment, the reasons must be stipulated clearly in the BCPP application. 

Can organisations who have previously received Level 2 projects apply for Level 1 funding?

Normally no, however, you will be eligible to apply again if you are working with:

  • a different partner for the first time, i.e. a new pharmacist or community partner
  • a group with very different issues/needs to the previous Level 1. 

In such instances, you will need to demonstrate clearly on the application why you feel there is a need for another Level 1 project.

Can you apply for Level 2 funding without having a Level 1 project?

Yes, some organisations have the knowledge, understanding and capacity to deliver a Level 2 without first delivering a Level 1.

What are the key differences between a Level 1 and Level 2 Project?

The key differences between Level 1 and Level 2 projects are summarised in the following table.