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Key Messages


Putting people at the heart of everything

By placing people at the heart of health, social care, education and government systems at local and national level, we reduce inequality and increase wellbeing, health and lifespan. At CDHN, people and communities are at the heart of everything we do.

CDHN works to ensure that people and communities are at the heart of all systems and policies to ensure society becomes a place which protects and promotes health and equality.

Connecting communities

Communities and individuals are disempowered when they are disconnected from service providers and decision makers. Disconnection between people and communities damages health, wellbeing and social cohesiveness. By connecting, sharing knowledge and expertise, building strong relationships and harnessing assets, we can build communities where people flourish.

CDHN connects communities, practitioners, academics and policy maker to share their knowledge, experience and expertise.

Shaping decisions, services and society

The circumstances in which we are born, live, work and age determine our health. The strengths, needs, aspirations and circumstances of communities across Northern Ireland are wide and varied.

Listening to the voice of communities and ensuring their participation in policy making and the design and delivery of services will engage their strengths. By making decisions together, we can reshape the circumstances in which we are born, live. work and age, leading to improved health and wellbeing within a fairer, more equal society.

CDHN builds connections between communities and decision makers. Together we can shape policies, services and systems to create the circumstances which lead to a fair and equitable society.