The Community Development and Health Network is Northern Ireland’s leading organisation working to empower communities and tackle health inequalities using community development.

Building the Community-Pharmacy Partnership


Bringing pharmacy and community together to tackle health inequalities.

The Building the Community-Pharmacy Partnership (BCPP) is a partnership between the Community Development and Health Network (CDHN) and the Health and Social Care Board with strategic direction offered by a multi-agency Steering Group. The programme aims to:

Promote and support local communities to work in partnership with community pharmacists to address local health and social wellbeing needs using a community development approach.

The programme works towards:

  • Increasing local people's skills, encouraging community activity and self help
  • Increasing local people's understanding of health issues
  • Encouraging local people to play a role in promoting health

Funding Closing Date:

Level 1: Thursday 25th October 2018.  Click here to download your application pack.

Level 2: Thursday 13th September 2018 - Click here to download your application pack.