The Community Development and Health Network (CDHN) is Northern Ireland’s leading organisation working to empower communities and tackle health inequalities using community development.

Co-production Training

Co-production Training​

Participants develop their engagement practice to moving towards a model which appreciates the assets of all within communities and how services can be better delivered.

Co-Production Introductory Workshop

Short introduction to the values of principles of co-production.

Community Co-Production For Improved Health And Wellbeing

This is a ½ day training which introduces participants to the practice and principles of co-production within a community setting. This is useful to people, volunteers, or group members who are involved in community activities.

Download Flier - PIPS, Newry: 13th September 2017

Download Flier - Groundwork, Belfast: 20th September 2017

Download Flier - RCN, Cookstown: 27th September 2017

Download Flier - Building Communities Resource Centre, Ballymoney: 4th October 2017

Download Flier - The Gasyard, Derry: 11th October 2017

Community Co-Production For Improved Health And Wellbeing Within Organisations

This is a full day training for people who are working within communities either as paid workers or statutory employees who are engaging with local communities. This training will be useful to improve co-production within your organisations to improve community health and wellbeing. 

Enquiries for training, please contact our Training Manager, Jenny Hanna - E: T: 028 3026 4606
Bookings for training - E:

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