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Down Right Brilliant & Meigh Pharmacy

Supporting parents on physical & mental health

Down Right Brilliant is a parent led support group based in Newry working with children and young adults with Down Syndrome offering a Youth Club and Summer Scheme.

With activities such as dance, circus skills, football and outings to reduce isolation, the group aims to offer support and advice along with the space to build friendships and give the young people a place to call their own!

The group decided to apply for a BCPP project after identifying a clear need to educate parents on physical health, nutrition and mental health. Parents within the group were under immense stress juggling work, family commitments and other additional pressures so information around mental health, one to one support and guidance on medication were vital along with tips and techniques on relaxation and mindfulness. The project also incorporated a pharmacist led session with fathers on ‘healthy mind - healthy body’.

The men especially enjoyed Richard, the Pharmacist, talking to them about time management, relaxation and stress and it appears that this was the first time any of them had attended a session like that.

“I learnt so much about the needs of the children during the project and also about the stress that these parents are under to ensure their children meet their potential. The participants really enjoyed the sessions, both men and women – it was amazing to me how quickly they bonded as a group. The flexible nature of the Programme and ownership of the topics made it absolutely their own.”

Richard Garvey, Pharmacist