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Rural Health Partnership and Northern Pharmacies

Menopause – THE Hot Topic

Rural Health Partnership along with Northern Pharmacies received a Level 2 BCPP grant of £10,000 from CDHN for a Menopause Matters programme. The project aims to support women to cope and manage menopause addressing issues around mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and increasing awareness of the impact of the menopause on those experiencing it.

So far the programme is going extremely well with a large group of women attending the weekly sessions.  After the successful information session, the women carried out some research online looking at blogs and various books about the menopause. Women of all ages have come along to talk about the menopause, to share their stories and experiences and ask questions - all made that little bit easier over a cup of tea. Pharmacist Emer Geoghegan facilitated one of the sessions along with local GP Dr Lambe looking at the menopause from a medical perspective as well as sharing her own personal story. A lot of discussion has been held around the myths and facts about menopausal women and the group has examined how they can find their more 'adventurous spirit' at this time of their lives.  

'We have been enjoying  laughs and forming friendships as we discuss how we have coped with sweats, mood swings and poor sleep patterns.  Despite it being such a common part of life, menopause remains a bit of a mystery and women want to learn more about it. we are all enjoying the programme so far and we have lots more exciting topics to cover and look forward to during the next few weeks of the programme.'

Project participant