Questionnaire - Support we offer to BCPP projects

Dear member,

We’re currently reviewing the support we offer to BCPP projects.  As a previous BCPP applicant and/or grant holder, we would be grateful if you could take 5 minutes to complete this questionnaire. The findings will help us to assess what we are doing well, how we can improve and how we can support BCPP grant holders more effectively in the future. 

If more than one person in your organisation was involved in completing the BCPP application, delivering the project and/or submitting reports, please forward this on for them to complete also.  We would like to get the perspective from all those involved.

Also,  just a reminder that the next BCPP level 2 funding application deadline is Thursday 13 April 2017.  Please contact us if you would like any support with your application,  remember the earlier you contact us the  more help we can provide.