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500th BCPP Project funded!

We at BCPP are very proud to announce that we have funded our 500th project.  To mark the occasion it was decided a day out to visit one of the recently funded projects would be fitting and so off we went to East Belfast Mission where Hosford House hostel is situated.  CDHN Director and the BCPP team, along with Steering group chair Dr Norman Morrow and members Vanessa Chambers and Cathy Harrison were in attendance. 

During the visit we were welcomed by Hosford House manager, Adian Byrne and Andrea Donnan, (project assistant) who gave us a tour of the facilities and the experience of seeing a live BCPP session.  On this occasion, the pharmacist along with the participants and cook were making homemade food.  There was a lot of laughter and energy in the room and a great sense of togetherness and a chance to discuss health issues in an informal manner. 

EBM have completed several BCPP projects and feel the success from them is enormous.  The geographical aspect of the pharmacy being located only two doors from Hosford House means that participants can easily call on the pharmacist to discuss health concerns, gain advice and be signposted to other available services.  The ability of participants to do this has come from their growing relationship with the pharmacist and knowing they can speak to them if and when they need to.

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The new round of funding is now open and application froms can be downloaded from the website.  Please click here to apply.

Level 1 funding closing date is 19th September 2013 @ 4pm

Level 2 funding closing date is 14th November 2013 @ 4pm