The Community Development and Health Network is Northern Ireland’s leading organisation working to empower communities and tackle health inequalities using community development.

Level 3 - Strategic Development and Leadership

Level 3 - Project managers/ directors

“Inequalities in health arise because of inequalities in society… taking action to reduce health inequalities does not require a separate health agenda but action across the whole of society.”   (Fair Society, Healthy Lives, 2010)

In the master classes participants will:

• explore the following 6 themes – community development, health inequalities, economy, sustainability, partnership working and research

• reflect on how they, and their organisations, can be more engaged in these wider issues which shape and determine society.

• examine the potential of community development as a process to address inequalities at an organisational, regional and national level

This training takes place one day a fortnight over a 12 week period.

PTH Level 3 Application Form Belfast


Lisburn 2012

“I have increased my knowledge on the topic areas and have a comprehensive information pack to refer to.  I also feel like I can contact CDHN if I need any further information or support because good links have been made”.

“Going to apply learning to progress area of work.  Has made me think of how we as an organisation could link to other communities and departments to make policy changes”.

Derry 2013

"Really liked the inter-active participatory nature of the training, loved the calibre of speakers, so experienced, knowledgeable in their areas and good communicators with the group.  Like opportunities to apply the learning points of speakers to our own areas of work."

"Offers a chance to reflect on the work I do and the reasons I do it.  Chance to ask questions to those making the policy decision and lower the barriers or perceived barriers is a fantastic opportunity."

Armagh 2014

"The master classes provide a unique opportunity to access the knowledge and expertise of people at the top of their field".

"I feel re-energised and inspired at a time of great uncertainity in the Community Sector"


Speakers Presentations


Health Inequalites - Dr Mike Grady - 18th March 2015

Making Life Better - Dr Liz Mitchell - 18th March 2015

Sandy Webb Action Mental Health - 1st April 2015

Seamus Ward - Bogside and Brandwell Health Forum - 1st April 2015

Declan Donnelly - 1st April 2015

Health and Sustainable Development - Ann Marie Cross - 15th April 2015

Peter Hutchinson - Economy Presentation - 29th April 2015

Professor Mike Kelly - Research and Health - 13th May 2015

Dr Mark Tully - Community Engagement - 13th May 2015

Ruth Dineen - Co-Production - 27th May 2015


Mark Tully Presentation 4th June 2014

Mike Kellys Presentation 4th June 2014

Professor Mike Tomlinson Presentation 14th May 2014

Peter Hutchinson Presentation 14th May 2014

Gary McFarlane Presentation 30th April 2014

Ann Marie Cross Presentation - 30th April 2014

Professor Margaret Ledwith Presentation - 16th April 2014

Dr Elizabeth Mitchell presentation - 2nd April 2014

Dr Mike Grady presentation - 2nd April 2014

Dr Fiona Campbell Presentation 12th June 2013

Community Development and Human Flourishing Be the Change! Professor Margaret Ledwith

Community Development Reclaiming the radical agenda! Professor Margaret Ledwith


Professor Mike Kelly presentation 6th June 2013

Stewart Lansley presentation 15th May 2013

NICVA presentation 15th May 2013

Health and Sustainable Development - AnnMarie Crosse 8th May 2013

Hugh Barton Presentation 8th May 2013