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Group Work Skills Training

Free training for anyone working with groups...
Event Date and Time: 
22 May 2019 10.00am to 3.30pm
NICVA, Belfast

Participants are enabled to identify and demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to plan and deliver group sessions using community development values to address health and wellbeing within communities. 

The training is designed to help participants develop their knowledge, skills and confidence in facilitating group sessions.  We will explore some very practical elements of group management as well as looking at leadership and behaviour in groups. There will be practical tips for managing difficult, or awkward, situations and behaviours. The training will offer participants an opportunity for critical reflection, where they can unpick their practice and think about what they might do differently. We will explore community development and personal values so that we can better understand how they impact on our engagement with people and groups. 

This training is also a brilliant networking opportunity and is open to anyone working in the community. Many pharmacists involved in the BCPP programme have completed it and they always find it beneficial as this is a very new area of work for most of them.

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