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Our plans to support you during the COVID-19 crisis

CDHN recognises the very challenging situation we all find ourselves in, so here are the four main ways in which we will be supporting our members and the wider community and voluntary sector.

Community Pharmacy

We have already reached out to all our currently funded Building Community-Pharmacy Partnership (BCPP) projects and made arrangements to contribute to their core costs to assist their sustainability in this very difficult period. We are in the process of developing new guidance of our BCPP projects and hope to see many resume their activities in the coming months.

We co-ordinated the very successful Community Support for Community Pharmacy scheme working with community groups and pharmacies delivering over 51,000 prescriptions to those shielding in our communities. This scheme ended on 31 August. For current information on medicine delivery, click here

COVID-19 ID Project

The COVID-19 ID Project aims to improve people’s health literacy about COVID-19 by providing accurate and up-to-date information which will increase knowledge, understanding and confidence and enable people to make good health decisions. 

Click here to read more about the Project including our work with FactCheckNI to produce fact-checked articles on COVID-19 issues and topics of interest and our A-Z Guide of COVID-19 words and terms in plain English.  We continue to share official COVID-19 information on our social medial channels and Ezine and we will continue to update our fact-checked articles and A-Z Guide as new information becomes available.  

Membership Support

We will be in touch with our members by phone, email, survey and social media to check in with you, chat, offer advice and connect you into a range of opportunities for funding and other support. We will also, with your permission, collect the stories of your experience of COVID-19 and those of the people you support. The people in our communities who suffer inequality under normal circumstances are disproportionately affected by a pandemic of this nature. It is really important that we do not lose these stories and lived experiences – we plan to use them to influence and bring about much needed changes in policies and practice.

Representing your voice

CDHN is representing you in a number of different forums. We are a member of the Emergencies Leadership Group being led by the Department of Communities and raise your issues as you make us aware of them and broader issues relating to the impact of COVID-19 on people who are dealing with complicated and multiple issues in our communities. We are also continuing to lobby for flexible and appropriate funding arrangements for the duration of the pandemic.

Please stay safe in your communities.