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Community Health Literacy Training

The second stage of the Self-Care Pharmacy Project is the development and delivery of Community Health Literacy Training. The training has been developed using the insights gathered at our community workshops, extensive desk research, international good practice and CDHN’s own expertise in developing training. 

There are two different Community Health Literacy training programmes.

Community Leader training  

This is a one day training programme which aims to improve health literacy understanding and skills for community leaders with a focus on increasing self-care for minor ailments.  It is open to anyone who works or volunteers in a community setting to support people with their health and/or social factors that influence their health. 

Community Group training

This is a three-hour (half day) session developed for those who work directly with people in communities in either a paid or volunteer role.  The purpose of the training is to give participants information on health literacy, pharmacy and self-care for minor ailments that they can then cascade to others, this could be informally in conversation or as part of an existing programme or session.

By the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Describe health literacy and self-care
  • Discuss services available within pharmacy, share self-care messages and promote the pharmacist as a reliable source of health advice in your community
  • Identify techniques that help people communicate better with health professionals

Training is a pilot initiative funded by HSCB through the Self-Care Pharmacy project.

What is Health Literacy?

Health literacy is the knowledge, understanding and skills that people need to obtain, process and use health information and navigate the health care system. 

Why is improving health literacy important?

Health literacy is recognised a key determinant of health, improving health literacy within communities can be a powerful catalyst for change, helping to reduce health inequalities.

Improving health literacy can help enable people be better equipped to obtain reliable health information, make informed decisions, feel more confident to self-care, access the most appropriate care provider and engage in shared decision making with health professionals.

Self-Care Pharmacy Project and Elevate Project

The Community Health Literacy training is part of wide suite of training programmes offered by CDHN including Elevate Capacity Building Training.  The Elevate training focuses on community development as a way to reduce health inequalities.  The Elevate training and Community Health Literacy training are distinct but complementary training programmes. Health Literacy is recognised as a key determinant of health and improving health literacy within communities can help to reduce health inequalities.