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Co Production

'At the heart of co-production is a new kind of partnership between public service workers and those who are intended to benefit. That partnership is equal and reciprocal. It combines the strengths of different kinds of knowledge and skill. It aims to build capacity for people to help themselves and each other. That goes for public service workers too: building their capacity to get better outcomes even when service budgets are shrinking.  The ultimate goal is to improve wellbeing for all.'  

Nesta 2010 

Using our local knowledge and expertise to help shape and run services to improve everyone’s wellbeing

A co-production approach will often challenge the logic of existing services and in this, will generate uncertainty; potentially inducing a default fear of the worst or excitement and energy for change. (SCDC 2011)

The process is asset based and starts with, and builds on, the human and resource assets of the community in question, rather than seeing issues as problems that can be addressed by different forms or service delivery or by “treatment”. (SCDC 2011)


Duneane Collective Co-production pilot report

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A Northern Ireland Perspective on Co-production 22nd February 2017

Conference Presentations

Joanne Morgan, CDHN

Prof. John Barry, Queens University Belfast

Alison Briggs, Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council

Jenny Hanna, CDHN

Deirdre McCloskey, Mid and East Antrim Agewell Partnership

Linda McKendry, Compass Advocacy Network

Denise Magill, Triangle Housing

Jez Hall, PB Partners


Duneane Collective

Community development and Co-production

CDHN firmly believes that co-production is the outcome of effective community development working. Throughout our work over the past twenty years, we have been committed and instrumental in ensuring that the knowledge held within communities is used to influence change throughout health and social care. The Building Community Pharmacy Project is a live demonstration of how this can be done at a regional level.

Positive Futures - BCPP project with Pharmacist Noelle from Mc Nally's, Newry


Reflective Case Stories

Reflective Case Story - The Drink Think Project


Six principles for engaging communities